Big Spider Bathroom Daddy Screamer Arachnophobia Warning

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It's the spider season for giant jumping attacking spiders. This massive spider was highly active and very fast moving, possibly it's spider breeding season. Mum helped keeping an eye on the big spiders movements while I set up the GoPro camera to my Dyson DC59 stick vac. It's the first big spider my DC59 cleaner has captured in my spider infested home. Record Summer rain in Sydney has possibly driven the spiders into my home looking for dry shelter. I have no problem with these spiders living outside but once they are in my home they are considered a pest. These spiders have killed humans via road accidents caused by spider fright. Just a cold hard fact that most people seem to ignore. In nature there is an amazing natural killer of these spiders. They are Spider Wasps and I have an amazing video of one which has caught a giant spider.

Ultimate Big Spider Killer Spider Wasp

I use a specially modified Dyson vacuum attachment to hold my GoPro camera on the Dyson vacuum cleaner. The DC59 which is seen in this video was a gift from the Dyson company for a product review I did for the other Dyson vacuum cleaners I have purchased. I can confirm the Dyson DC59 is almost as good as a floor vacuum cleaner and it's battery powered. This is the first big spider this stick vacuum has cleaned up, as I suspected it's done a killer job at getting rid of this nasty spider from my home.

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