Flute #2 Cleaning Run

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Lars Hinrichsen (1 год назад)
Great still! Did you solder the plates or are they just very tight in the
Kalle Klæp (3 мес. назад)
You have created art, sir.. A really nice piece.. 3/4" for downcomers?
Cg95m (1 год назад)
thanks for posting a great video, at 20sec. in you show the neck to the
viewing port. can you help me with some info on how to make that piece. 
Silvie Fox (1 год назад)
nice design theres only a few things i would recommend changing . one being
that end cut on your parrot, it should eather be flush or long on the
bottom short on the top and thats just so you dont get "walk" in your flow
that can cause spillage
Gregwolters2 (1 год назад)
Hey Brother,

what Kind of temp controller are you using on this??
Dirk Mansfield (3 г. назад)
nice flute still shame copper pipe in this size is so hard to get in the uk
or i would make one.
Speedxdreems (3 г. назад)
Clean work well done! i see no responces to questions but what the hay. on
your heat exchange/ condenser in fact all copper to copper joints like the
weldolet for sight glass at plate levels did you silver solder??? Regards
Whitedogtrading (1 год назад)
Brahim, I have not considered building another flute for someone else, what
did you have in mind? send me an email @ whitedogtrading@gmail.com
Adam o'neill (3 г. назад)
Great video. This may be a lot to ask but there is only way to find out. is
there anyway you could post a list of the pieces used for this project?
Maybe a design schematic? Thanks
Tidz peita (1 год назад)
first thing I say is "EXCELLENT WORK" a true professional... Second is I'm
from New Zealand and distilling is legal, I'm going to try and make one
like this... Thanks for posting your awesome work...
Steelheader Fred (3 г. назад)
Fantastic work my friend! I too am a machinist and if you dont mind me
asking. How do you affix perferated plates to inner tube? also what weight
a\or gauge is bubble plate material? and what are your center points for
windows? I would really like to know because I too am a hobby distiller.
Rite now I am using a pot still of my own creation, but am in the process
Please respond and I hope you dont mind!
Busmun (2 г. назад)
Thank you for sharing that. Wow
Emoneyblue (2 г. назад)
Your a bad man.... Great Job!!!!
Kinga Pall (3 г. назад)
Jonathan Courtney (2 г. назад)
Work like that.......I don't think I would wonder if a person used SS.
Without a doubt. Awesome work.
Sirtom68 (2 г. назад)
True craftsmanship right buddy ! Most excellent !