After Earth (2013) - Official Trailer #1 [HD]: M. Night Shyamalan, Will and Jaden Smith

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The first official trailer for M. Night Shyamalan's After Earth (2013). After a crash landing, a father and son explore a planet that was evacuated by humans 1,000 years earlier. Starring Will Smith, Jaden Smith and Isabelle Fuhrman.

Are you excited for AFTER EARTH? We love Will Smith and Jaden was awesome in Karate Kid. Let us know in the COMMENTS BELOW!!

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Комментарии (204)

Gihan charaka (2 г. назад)
I Think May be this is One of the best Film in 2013
Mihailoo Lazarevic (1 год назад)
first i tought that was will smit
Connor (2 г. назад)
idiot let me guess you only understand yourself
ImmaDeacon (2 г. назад)
not ANYTHING like i am legend..
Matttwith1t (2 г. назад)
1) they tell you it's earth in the preview 2) you people always act like
you knew the end of 'the village' but the truth is you heard it before you
saw it, get over it 3) yeah, okay, so "Lady in the Water" was pretty lame,
but seriously... "Unbreakable"... give him a break, he's not Bruce.
The Bumbling Idiot (2 г. назад)
Like Will Smith But have no faith in M.Night
Ilyamax (2 г. назад)
Look like hunting animals and nothing more. It will be boring
Marco Daunt (2 г. назад)
You misspelled R
Alex Gærtner (2 г. назад)
Honestly, I just jizzed in my pants
Cortney Akana (2 г. назад)
They can't all be winners
CronossRa (2 г. назад)
I have to say this is going to be a freaking Awesome movie! The premises of
the movie rather out there yet it could happen.
Al B (2 г. назад)
To then put the.........soz typo.
MrFallenPastry (2 г. назад)
Wild Wild West?
49soundwave (2 г. назад)
looks good but scared it'll be bad cause of M. Night Shyamalan
JustSimplySilly (2 г. назад)
Well, you spelled stupid wrong for one thing. But I liked all his movies
except for TLA
LiberalIndividual (2 г. назад)
everything evolved except humans ? i guess we are mythical creatures !
Coolnickhere (2 г. назад)
Its Madagascar