Dunya News- Meri Dunya With Hassan Nisar -03-02-2013

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Hassan Nisar joins Ayesha Khalid to discuss What is Love?? Different Letters from People and much more... "Meri Dunya".

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Комментарии (15)

Unknown user (2 г. назад)
we many people in US only watch him all the time and we are hindus.. i dont
believe in religion though. Are we allowed to listen to him? i never knew
that u were not willing to share his knowledge..
Sanje123able (2 г. назад)
This girl is very hot and sexy
Bilal Last (2 г. назад)
or karta ha islam ke batain,, kaminay apni maa bahan ko kah k islam main
orat par dupatta mana ha, unhain kaho short shirts or penties pahna karain,
basically tu kesi or mulak ka agent ha, jo islam or pakistan ko barbaad
karnay aya howa ha,, yeah pakistani awam bagarat kutti, ba-sharam nai, sirf
or sirf tu ha,, media par bath kar pakistan ko ganda karta ha,, kamina
zaleel tareen admi..
Rizwan (2 г. назад)
Abdullah Naveed (2 г. назад)
Bhangi Charsi :D
Pakistan Still Here IN SHA ALLAH
Khan Pak (2 г. назад)
What Hassan nissar really do on his show : 1....Talk briefly on general
topics to gain likes from viewers,some time RELIGIOUS 2.....Talk against
fake politics in PAK to create positive react from viewers 3.....Change
your mind very cleverly FROM( HIS OWN POINT OF VIEW ) so you can't even
judge what is going on.
Hindu3048 (2 г. назад)
Reality of porki Porki ........arms &ammonution ....usa/china Porki
.......national language...urdu...indiaP Porki..........nuke
bomb........europe Porki .....quide azam.......uk...citizen Porki......race
of ..mohm..bin qusim....arbi still counting....lol