1957 High Fidelity Magnificent Magnavox Console. Playing some 50's 78's. Enjoy

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Wanted to show you my newest addition. This is my 1957 Magnavox. Like new condition. Playing some 50's 78's for you. Enjoy

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Turkeydoodlers (2 г. назад)
Hi, I know i watched yours on your channel it sounds great. Im hoping to
find a stereo version from this vintage next, i'm on the hunt lol :)
Beth Novick (8 мес. назад)
We had this exact one in our home in the 50s and 60s. What is the model #
for this? I must try and find one for my own!!
Herbert Horn Radio (1 год назад)
I know that when the separate units for turntable and amplifier became more
popular in the 1960's than the larger wooden Console Units, a great deal
was made out about the lighter tone-arms as opposed to what had been used
in the larger Console units and record players at the time. I know
Acoustic Research actually came out with a balancing scale to achieve the
lightest weight possible on their turntables. What is your opinion of the
turntables used by the companies making these large Console Units as
opposed to the lighter ones in later years?

I know Zenith used VM turntables for their Cobra-matic changers. Who made
the one for the 1957 Magnavox and do you think one changer of these older
Consoles is necessarily better than another one or are they comparable? I
know VM still has an active Website for parts and so forth, but was one of
these older changers necessarily better than other ones? Thanks for the

This Magnavox certainly seems to have a great sound and I very much enjoy
your videos from the Bessie Smith one to the Frank Sinatra one played on
your Zenith Console with the lighter tone arm than the earlier Cobra-matics
had been. 
CrisVangel1958 (2 г. назад)
Wow, great Magnavox Hi-fi!! Love it, and the musical selections.. nice!
Globehunter2ify (1 год назад)
Wurlitzer Juke Box sound quality.
Glenn Waters (1 год назад)
The very early Curtis Mathes Stereos called Mathes Hi Fi look a lot like
this model. :)
Joe f (2 г. назад)
just gorgeous!
Maynardcat (2 г. назад)
Coupling most always effect the sound quality if the Zenith has good clear
sound with a solid bass, I wouldn't worry about changing them out unless
something isn't sounding right. With bad coupling caps there is less
volume, distorted sound, poor bass etc. Some people just feel better with
all new caps, but that can diminish the sound quality if the same factory
quality caps aren't used, it often results in a harsh hard dry sound rather
than the warm tube sound it originally had.
Totallyhotonj (2 г. назад)
Man, I would LOVE to have that unit.
Andy McIsaac (1 год назад)
Amazing videos, all of them. I am looking for my first console way up here
in Dryden Ontario . Thanks for sharing footage of these truly magestic
RaymondTVinyl (2 г. назад)
I can just imagine how great Frankie Lymon sounds on this player!!!
Herberthornradio (2 г. назад)
Which year did Magnavox begin making their Stereo Units? Philco made their
Phonorama Cabinet Model around 1953 which was also High Fidelity Unit and
also had a great sound. I don't remember seeing the dial on the earlier
models to set for the type of record you may be playing, RIAA, 78 RPM ect.
I assume there was a transition period as so many developments were made
during these years as 1960 approached. I remember reading the last 45 RPM
record player only was made in 1957.
AstroSonic1967 (2 г. назад)
Beautiful set. Great restoration job. You have the same radio chassis (with
equalization settings) as I do on my '57 Provincial. I have the same
changer but with the newer style tonearm to accommodate a stereo cartridge.
You were lucky in getting a set from a smoke free home. I wasn't so lucky
on two of my consoles. Had to clean the outside of the cabinet and clean
all the tubes to get rid of the smell. Luckily my '57 Provincial was a one
owner and came from a smoke free home. Enjoy.
MisterTalkingMachine (2 г. назад)
Maybe you can ask your repairman to keep the caps in place, jus to desolder
one side of them and then place the new ones there, so, if it don´t works,
all you have to do then is to take out the new caps and re-solder the
desoldered side of the old caps.