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Nhendrych (2 г. назад)
God bless you -John Paul Jackson
Okebaram E (2 г. назад)
Perfect comment! Thank you!
Pureinheart777 (2 г. назад)
i think the year 2017 is when jesus will return in the second coming.
Kenny8528 (1 год назад)
I have read some comments here and want to clarify something. This man
claims to be a prophet of God so let him be that. The problem is in a
Church when, if any man grows a white trimmed beard and sets himself up a
prophetic ministry the Church fails to TEST that prophet! We are afraid to
test them because we have false Pastors, false Teachers, False Evangelist's
in the Church in every denomination that are deceiving the people already.
We need the fear of God back in the Church and not of man!
Smile a While (2 г. назад)
the video says 2012 not 2007
Muinaisia Ennustuksia (2 г. назад)
As Lord Jesus said, it will be like days of Noah. Back then there was three
group: 1) The biggest group of people who will be killed in the tribulation
(Gen. 7:22), 2) Smaller group who will survive through tribulation (Gen.
7:7) and 3) The smallest group who was raptured by God, because of the
faith in God, before the tribulation really started. (Gen. 5:24, Hebr.
11:5). We're to wait for Christ, not Antichrist. See Chuck Missler 15min
video of rapture to get the big picture.
RealMarcosMiranda (2 г. назад)
When was this recorded? If this was recorded by the latest in '08-'09 I'll
lend lots of credibility. Otherwise, this just sounds like Alex Jones
357MagnumBob (1 год назад)
Nice try. Look at the date on the prophecy about the 500+ mile wide
hurricane that will hit the East Coast. The hurricane force winds were
about 1000 miles. The date was early 2012. Can you say "Sandy"?
Carlos Sandoval (2 г. назад)
listen to lindsey williams most recent prophesy he know the future of
America for the next 20 years and has laid out the plans of the elite to
destroy America. in the establishment of the new world order world currency
and digital dollars from the united nations. they plan to bi pass the
Ancientgoddess1 (2 г. назад)
Well this sounds like a perfect opportunity to establish a better currency
than the addiction to false value of things. No one knows when the end time
comes. That is not a predictions we want co-create. I see Love of Fellow
humans and the Divine that is with us Feeding Raef only makes this
distructive vibration stronger.
Linda Baker (2 г. назад)
2006 or 2007. Came out in 2008.
Katrina Hammond (2 г. назад)
This Is God Speaking Through a TRUE Prophet! Wake Up America! This ALL does
Not have to Happen!!! TURN TURN TURN! We Must Repent and TURN From our
Wicked Ways! And RETURN to Truth! Awake!
Thecoldwaterfall (2 г. назад)
Peter Grigore (2 г. назад)
isn't it funny they called "Sandy" the perfect storm?