Act Like Men: James MacDonald | Stepping Up™ Video Series

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Оценок: 93 | Просмотров: 17052 -- "The wrath of man does not produce the righteousness of God. " --James MacDonald

What does "act like a man" mean to you? To James, it means be on the job front and center. Stand firm in your faith. Be strong and bear the weight of leading your family.

Learn how to be strong and watchful with the Stepping Up series.

Get your 10-week Video Series and learn the stories about men stepping up. Dennis Rainey examines the five stages of manhood and leads men to evaluate where they stand in their duties of masculinity.

Imagine if we could call every man to become courageous leaders in their own lives, marriages, churches, and communities.

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Комментарии (13)

Howard Nelson (1 год назад)
Great words and encouraging in times like these. Men need to be men and not
anything else. Men need to be strong, firm, courageous and faithful in all
of what they do and say to others.
Kdpsengine5 (1 год назад)
The man who walks closer with Jesus cannot help but be a more loving
husband and better dad. 
Marg Mowczko (2 г. назад)
Hi Scott, I think it's great that some people have a ministry that helps
men to have a deeper walk with God. However it concerns me that nowhere in
this video are wives or women spoken of as true partners of men. Rather
MacDonald implies that the relationship of a man towards a woman is one of
protection, covering and support. Men and women should be mutually
protecting and supporting each other. Husbands and wives should be sharing
their lives (including burdens) together. They are one flesh.
Staples (1 год назад)
Man has a God given role of the Head.
Daniel dehaan (2 г. назад)
Give your husband time and be thankful for the man that the Lord has
blessed you with. Don't try to change him with words but remain silent and
pray hard. God will fight your battle for you.
Craig Campbell (1 год назад)
It is true that this man speaks as though Christ only spoke to men at some
times and to women at others. Men have been beaten down by the church and
state for years. Christians can believe in God if they want. scientists can
believe in Science if they want. freedom of Choice. Athiests can believe in
the opposite what others believe if they want.
URTemplar (2 г. назад)
Good videos, but hated the religious bs. There is no god, get over it
Glamrgrl104 (2 г. назад)
This is a very good video series.
BibleStudy888 (2 г. назад)
I wish my husband was like that. I try to cut to the chase and he
interrupts me to ask the details which are not part of the point and then
it takes me time to get to the point!
Inverse Dream (2 г. назад)
This is good. Love me some James Macky D. (just not as much as his
beautiful girl K.Mac)
Scott Bullock (2 г. назад)
Marg I realize that you share a different viewpoint regarding how scripture
defines the roles of men and women. One day, when we all sit at His feet
I'm sure that we will understand many misconceptions that we all had while
walking on this dustball. My caution is to not let that difference in
viewpoint blind you to the benefit of the guys like MacDonald, or Chandler
etc. to speak specifically to men and call them to a deeper walk with God.
Lucas .Belkowski (2 г. назад)
Be patient :) and pray. :) Blessings!