Makarov - Black Ops Multiplayer Weapon Guide

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In this episode we're covering the Makarov.

It's a semi automatic pistol, unlocked at level 4.

Originating from the Soviet Union, the pistol is named for its designer, Nikolay Makarov.

It was introduced as the standard sidearm for the Soviet military in 1951, replacing the earlier Tokarev in service.

The PM, or Pistolet Makarova is a compact blowback-operated weapon, loosely based on the earlier German Walther PP design.

A simple, reliable weapon - with few moving parts - the Makarov has seen extensive deployment in both military and police roles over much of Eastern Europe.

Magazine capacity is 8 rounds - second only to the CZ-75 in-game, and generous enough for most usage.

The cartridge fired is the 9 by 18 millimetre Makarov round - analogous to the NATO 9 millimetre round, but in terms of ballistics more comparable to the less-powerful ACP.

Damage in-game is identical to all other pistols, except for the Python - typically requiring 3 hits to kill at close range, and 5 at a distance.

Rate of fire is capped to 625 rounds per minute - the same as most pistols, with the exception of the ASP.

Recoil is again, identical to all other pistols except for the Python - and is not a factor as long as you're close to your target.

Aim time is as fast as the other pistols, at just 150 milliseconds - and the reload is fairly average for its class, at a little over 1.6 seconds.

The pistols share much in the way of their statistics, so there's not much to choose between them - it's the available attachments and subtler statistics that define each handgun.

The Upgraded Iron Sights are one of your attachment choices, but their effect is purely cosmetic - three white dots applied to the front and rear sights giving slightly clearer target indication.

They aren't much use - unlike a red dot sight which provides a better view on target, the dots do nothing for your sight picture, so I wouldn't advise using them over another, more useful attachment.

Extended mags are generally a very worthwhile attachment - and on the Makarov you'll get 12 rounds at your disposal instead of 8.

However, If you value capacity in a pistol, then I'd advise you steer clear of the Makarov - instead go with the M1911, as it will give you 14 rounds with precisely the same handling characteristics - and even that is supplanted once you unlock the CZ-75.

The Makarov is best used with the other attachments available - with the suppressor you'll have the highest capacity pistol while suppressed, at least until you unlock the CZ-75 - so for those who favour stealth, the Makarov is the best choice initially.

You do lose a significant portion of your effective range, so against an enemy with full health you'll find a 4 or 5 hit kill is much more likely - but as a silent backup to finish off an already-wounded enemy it's ideal.

Dual wield gives you two Makarovs, for a total of 16 shots between them.

The Makarov is probably one of the better choices for Dual Wield - while they don't have the capacity of the CZ-75, or the power of the Pythons - they do have a very rapid switch time.

They'll switch as quickly as the dual ASPs - but with a slightly larger capacity, they're a better choice if you're looking for a fast-swapping dual-wield backup.

If you value capacity, the M1911 with extended mags is the best choice before the CZ-75. If you favour speed, then elect the ASP. Finally, if you favour power - then the Python is the handgun for you.

The Makarov, then, fills the gaps - it's the best pistol, immediately available, to use with the suppressor.

It's also the quickest drawing pistol to use with Dual Wield - so if you're looking for a close-range backup that's fast on target the Makarovs are probably the best choice.

Its capacity advantage with certain attachments is usurped by the almighty CZ-75 once its unlocked, but before the final pistol is available the Makarov has a couple of advantages over the others.

Otherwise, it's a relatively unremarkable weapon - but as with all the pistols can be a potential lifesaver when you find your primary weapon unready or inadequate for a close-range engagement.

Either suppressed or with a pistol in either hand, the Makarov is an able backup - compact, quick on the draw ... and ready to tilt the odds in your favour.