Steven Seagal

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Este Video Muestra una Seseion de defensa personal en la que varios atacantes van a agredir en este caso a Steven Seagal

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Three (2 дн. назад)
Are they even attacking or punching at him? Looks like they're just running
up and grabbing his gi with one hand. It's as if this martial art never
spars or demonstrates any realistic situation outside arranged forms in the
Dojo. Do they even have a Akido competition or just silly dancing around'
like in this video?
Bamboosa (4 мес. назад)
For several years, back in the 80s, I lived a block away from Steven
Seagal's Aikido Studio in West Hollywood, where he was actually an
instructor. For three years I lived on an island where a guy named Tohei
had a dojo (Morehei's top student) and he gave instructions to a bunch of
kids at the public library. Many of the children picked up on the
principles right away a performed mind-boggling basics for the first time,
right there. I seemed to have completely missed the basics and humiliated
myself in front of Mr. Tohei in that library. He was not amused.
Deathliest wolf (1 день назад)
you might not be able to flip an enemy, but the purpose of that flip is
because you don't want him to break your arm or your knee, if you are an
aikido fighter you shouldn't let your enemy know what you will do while the
enemy striking like an mindlessly, that's where you got the chance to reach
for his head, shoulder, to lock them and finish it by hitting him or break
Gerardo Sanchez (1 год назад)
Jajajaaajaaaaa que estupideces son esas
Bill smith (1 год назад)
Id like to try Muay Thai. There aren't any schools for that here. The head
instructor of my school is a Gracie black belt,and his brothers are brown
belts & teach there also. But nobody there really knows striking at all.
Its good though. You can train jiu-jitsu full speed all the time, and
people rarely get hurt. Obviously that helps you get very good. That's 1
big advantage it has over striking based styles.
Stive seguin (1 год назад)
choregrafia, never see im in a reel fight.
Javi lara (1 год назад)
daanciiing yeaaah !!!
Thechosen (1 год назад)
Yeah, I noticed he has such expressions in his movies which implies as he
doesn't care at all. Maybe that's why his movies gone downhill? His
careless plays and cheesy movies is what made me realize his movies is not
what they used to be. The annoying thing is that he still makes movies and
only his fans will be ones who enjoy them. About your last statement. I
once heard a story and I don't know if it was fictional or not, but it said
that he got scared of home burglar who tried or broke in.
Rabih Moumneh (1 год назад)
waw steven seagal is amazing in aikido. aikido can be used on the street.
Tino Gisondi (1 год назад)
you know what man, i think you would look like a 10 year old next to steve
think again asshole, ur not the best in the world. u just WANNABE
Lokitanabe (1 год назад)
His opponent is exaggerating everything.
Abel da Silva Fernandes (1 год назад)
rudo combinado pra eles ficarem se jogando..ele mal se mexia e os moleque
já voava...
SuperDUDERIKI (1 год назад)
He PRETENDS to train MMA fighters,was tried by 0 Judo instructors on the
four main islands if you don't count Gene Lebell who choked him out.
Jack Larson (1 год назад)
PrincesPotty1 (1 год назад)
Since these are other Aikido students they know how to react and fall.
That's why it looks fake. If you didn't know how to react then you can
seriously get hurt. Aikido also teaches hoe to take a tumble with it
getting hurt.
Genericfacelessuser (1 год назад)
he helps TRAIN MMA fighters....only white man to keep an Aikido school open
in Japan...was tried by every Judo/Aikido intructor on the four main
islands, & still gets shit talked about him by people with no clue. 'Sad,