What's my Line? Tony Curtis

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What's my Line? Tony Curtis

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Brownfaye (3 г. назад)
Soo good looking!
Kattypig58 (6 г. назад)
Isn't that all men?
Classicrockfan555 (3 г. назад)
Sweet of him to come in and say hello even though they knew about it! He
was wonderful person, so beautiful and talented. RIP xxx
Kleo patra (5 г. назад)
I from Russia...To me 23 years. The book did not read.
Thalialuvmx (4 г. назад)
hahaha wouldn't janet have known that he was going to be on this show? lol
Circusboy90210 (4 г. назад)
wonder what his love affair with things circus was all about.
Fusti46 (4 г. назад)
Oh my...What a man!!
LKKruse (5 г. назад)
Jamie says that people sometimes kid her by calling her Jamie Schwartz, but
she says it doens't bother her because it is her real name. It is suprising
that Tony has never acknowleged it since he is proud of his family's
Jan Rene (3 г. назад)
love this guy, so sexy!! RIP
Guerilla1977 (6 г. назад)
I see this word "luscious" all over the commentaries nowadays... what's the
difference between luscious and younger?
MsJCBurke (4 г. назад)
So handsome and so sweet and polite!
Laura Johnson (4 г. назад)
Haha from the goodness of his heart Tony dropped in....to plug his latest
film :D What a star lol RIP
LazlosPlane (5 г. назад)
What year is this anyway? He looks like a teenager.
Cezzie901 (3 г. назад)
I love that whenever I watch these clips, they always address each other
"Mr suchandsuch" or "Sir" or "Ma-am". So well spoken and polite. I was born
in the wrong decade.
Mdog683 (4 г. назад)
what year was this?
Tallpaul521 (4 г. назад)
Aloha Mr. Curtis. I had the pleasure of meeting Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis
on a couple of occasions. They were both class acts.
East37thstreet (5 г. назад)
tony one of the last of old hollywood that is left
Miltsar (5 г. назад)
yes he was a handsome man ...but after reading American Prince I realise
what a little prick he was...nothing but @%&*())%%#@#!@ on his muind !
Candydreams32 (1 год назад)
Tony Curtis was sexxxxxxy