News: Linda Ogutu Interview with William Ruto

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Linda Ogutu Interview with William Ruto on KTN Prime about his bid in Jubilee coalition as Uhuru Kenyatta's running and the ICC equation.

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Sharpshooter2897 (2 г. назад)
LOL! this lady is kind of smitten
Willie Evan (2 г. назад)
You need to differentiate which Ruto.
Linc Sink (2 г. назад)
Hehe Ruto nice one
Collins Orenge (2 г. назад)
the devil is in the details there is need for tougher questions to be asked?
Situma Anthony (2 г. назад)
I am just disappointed by the fact that you have clearly indicated some
aspects of opportunism. Honestly, you can't use 14 millions votes to
benefit yourselves in regard to ICC issue......this is a completely wrong
footing!!!! a citizen of my beloved country, I will vote for a leader
that I trust and not someone who just make use of the available chance to
pull or push him/herself to something desired. God bless Kenya and sustain
Gatangastarrs (2 г. назад)
with such a smart man how can kenya go wrong,we need Ruto at the heart of
the next government,even the host was smitten!!! can't help it,jubilee
fellows has that effect on pple,remember Sonko interviews....we're the
digital generation n we gonna form the next gova...haters deal with it.
Rusty Rifle (2 г. назад)
Where is the evidence
Nick Ondoro (2 г. назад)
surethis was very poor interview conducted by Linda Ogutu.
Hatimjm1 (2 г. назад) want to vote for someone who stole 100 acres of land? wow..some
people are stupid beyond words.
James Mwangi (2 г. назад)
let no one judge anyone for who are we to pass judgement to others, we have
no authority to even judge ourselves and are we perfect ourselves? before
God no sin is greater than the other
Brutushita1 (2 г. назад)
I love this guy, he has debunked Raila Odinga 10- Nil. Raila is the author
of the "we vs them" mentality which led to Post Election Violence, no
wonder Jaluos are always talking of "mt. kenya people". They were behind
the spreading of propaganda to separate Kikuyus and kalenjins. Jubilee will
win the next general election HANDS DOWN. Raila and his politics of enemity
should go to Bondo.
Wycliffe Omondi (2 г. назад)
Brother James i do agree with you, Jesus dint give us power from God to
judge others, but he gave us power over the demons. Strictly no one is
allowed to judge, only God is to judge, Jesus dint came to judge but to
forgive. brothers remember not to judge, instead let us pray for our
Paul Gatere (2 г. назад)
All factors held constant, Ruto is a bright fellow. Very calculated words
and of course very good plans on preventing tribal uprising on the issue of
land. True, landlessness \ is an issue in Kenya but which requires clever
plans on solving it.
Somah os (2 г. назад)
A Kip (2 г. назад)
Stop mixing religion and politics. A lot of things facing our country are
man made with very little to do with God
Alessandro Cesare della Volta (2 г. назад)
I wish I could have see the "interview" to the end but had to vomit a few
Sara lee (2 г. назад)
Our first deputy president!
Albert Chess (2 г. назад)
Hahahahaha this guy claims to have entertained Hon Kosgei while he was
still a student, they are now players in the same league. Congrats Hon
William Ruto you deserve the rise and rise!!