Halo 4 Waypoint - Requiem - First 3 hidden codes - Raider Armor and free EXP

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This video is of ALL three codes that get you the Raider shoulders, chestplate, and helmet! Hope you enjoy! :) Also, make sure you beat ALL 5 episodes of SPartan ops first in order to do this! Thanks!

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Комментарии (19)

Greg Cass (2 г. назад)
It says I haven't met the requirements :( what do I do
BuffDaddyHD (2 г. назад)
Have you beat all the levels? If so, I know there's a glitch where it won't
work for some people :( Hopefully it works soon!
CandJsEntertainment (2 г. назад)
It's boulshit
Necroponent (2 г. назад)
a tip to you guys having trouble you can do this on halo waypoint or halo
way point . com no spaces
Devon dobbelaere (2 г. назад)
Hey thanks for helping me get the armor
Realjoe30 (1 год назад)
it say i need to play this certain map where to go
Mikey Kalouria (2 г. назад)
In level 130
BlackFire363 (2 г. назад)
YEAY! wish i could use them though :(
Mccullough468 (2 г. назад)
I tried and it won't work it says I haven't met the requirements and I beat
all missions
PendiRulz (2 г. назад)
thx man! but where do you find those codes?
Rottencandy10 (2 г. назад)
D00MED REAL1TY (2 г. назад)
Come on guys, at least wait a month before revealing all the codes. :)
RaidingHD (2 г. назад)
Can it be Mp or Sp?
Scott aguilar (2 г. назад)
Sweet thankss!
TheRailz (2 г. назад)
Thanks for the codes, dude! But where exactly did you find them? I found
the shoulders on my own, but I can't figure out where the other codes are.
As much as I appreciate the video, it would be nice to try and find them
myself as well. Any hints? :)
SpecOpzGameing (2 г. назад)
thanks that help a lot and the armor looks cool
Kowe Darbs (2 г. назад)
when I enter one it just freezes with a little circle spinning in the
middle of the screen :/
OverTheTopGamer (2 г. назад)
@Greg Cass You need to finish first season of Spartan ops