About sexism and punching women

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This is my commentary on the "bus driver uppercuts female passenger" story. The common norm that you may never hit a women no matter what may seem positive at first glance, but if we take a closer look it's just another form of sexism.
In fact it discriminates against both men and women: Men are portrayed as the aggressive, dangerous gender which must restrain its violent tendencies, while women are portrayed as weak and vulnerable.

Doesn't it make more sense to judge the individual situation and the actual people involved? What if a strongly built woman beats up a skinny guy? Shouldn't he be allowed to defend himself, or at least try to? Or what if the man and woman involved are about the same build and likely equally strong and fit?

Over-generalizing rules and categories just don't always work. Sexism and fanatical feminism are definitely not the right answer. True equality of all genders is what we need.

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Chris Cunningham (1 месяц назад)
Yes, judge people by merit, but take a look at this video on Youtube.

"The World's Strongest Woman vs. Average Men"
RaderizDorret (22 дн. назад)
I'm far from one who thinks women cannot be dangerous. The worst beatings
I've ever seen were done by women. Not to mention two of the toughest and
most dangerous martial arts teachers were women, both of whom would get
annoyed with me holding back against them and kicked the shit out of me
until I started fighting like I meant it. As a rule, I won't attack someone
unless they're a threat to me or bystanders, but once that line is crossed,
gender falls below the level of threat they pose when it comes to my
calculus on how much violence I employ.
Jaysann22 (5 мес. назад)
You can't just say, in a debate of logic, that we have to seriously set
aside facts and statistics for the sake of what YOU specifically perceive
and "feel" is wrong. When you are debating logic and reason you don't "set
aside" the facts and rationalize with emotion. And with your argument of
"equality" between men and women, it simply doesn't work. Just as you say
you can't generalize everyone, YOU can't just generalize men and women as
the same assets in the work place. For example, lets say you hire a woman
and a man to be bricklayers. A physical job laying bricks and pouring
concrete. The women who apply for the job cannot lift the bricks while the
men could. But the employer has to hire the women because not doing so
would be "sexist". So the employer is forced to put all the men on bricks
and all women on concrete because the women could not physically handle the
bricks. Ultimately, the men were handed the hard work and the women, the
easier work. But the employer then pays both the men and women equal pay.
Because doing otherwise would be "sexist" according to you right? But is
this really fair and equal? No...no its not. Its bullshit but THAT is the
kind of shit people and employers have to put up with all over the country.
You want to talk about playing the victim card? Nonwhites and women take
the grand prize. You can't even call a prostitute a slut anymore without
being called a misogynist and you can't criticize a black president's
policies because you'll be called a racist.
Wiziek (10 мес. назад)
I'd say it is funny especially when women can just point at guy and just
say "rapist, child molester" and screw that man life. Here we go, feminism
is just one big lie.
Farmeryeti (5 дн. назад)
Women are either equal or they're not. People can't say "Women must be
equal to men, but a man can never lay his hands on a woman in any
circumstance" That's not equality. That's special treatment.
Danijel Turina (1 месяц назад)
I disagree with the way you argue things. You attempt to dispute the fact
that men and women are different, and they obviously are, or you wouldn't
have gender-separate Olympics. The proper argument is that if a physically
weaker person uses force against a physically stronger person, it is
perfectly fine for the physically stronger person to retaliate, regardless
of the fact that the weaker person happens to be female. If she's manly
enough to attack, she's manly enough to be punched in the face.
DidSomebodySayMyName104 (1 месяц назад)
Eh scientifically it is true that by default men have more muscle mass than
Men are born with much more testosterone than women, and women are born
with much more estrogen than testosterone. Testosterone naturally builds

I like the point you bring up that it is BS that a skinny office male is
stronger (more muscly I suppose) than a woman who works on a farm or other
demanding labor job everyday. But, if you take a man and a woman and they
are the same height, width, basically the same physiology, the same job,
etc.., the man will always have more muscle mass than the woman because men
are born with much more testosterone.

I'm not being sexist, intentionally. I believe that men and women should be
born and treated equal. Men and women are physiologically different, but

I love the point and the summary at the end. Its so true.
Dr. WhatsOn (1 месяц назад)
this video made me like you :)
not because the guy hit a woman, but because you aren't blinded by the cpt
saveahoe culture, and you are a fair person.
LNB KS (1 месяц назад)
Agree with you 100 %. Good vid bro!
M3D13V4L (1 месяц назад)
Sexual dimorphism. Its why the physical requirements in the US armed
forces are different according to gender. Its fact. Men have by default
higher muscle mass, efficiency, and density. I do however believe in equal
rights. Do not hit someone unless you are defending yourself from assault.
Gender should not be part of the issue.
TripNBallsGaming (Under construction) (19 дн. назад)
Anybody who acts like the man did a terrible thing by retaliating to her
use of force is a classic example of a fool who supports double standards.
Double standards are completely ruining our society and skewing our
perception of equality. If people support double standards and say that
they believe in equality, then they are a hypocrite. If a man hits a woman,
then he is viewed as evil, but if a woman hits a man, then she gets off
scot free. Same thing with a male teacher having sex with an underage
female student. He is viewed as evil, while if a female teacher has sex
with an underage male student, the student is viewed as a lucky bastard.
Both should be treated as sick twisted individuals, or as making that
student's dream come true. I personally go with the former. My point is,
double standards are evil and people who abide by them are making
themselves look extremely foolish.
Šílený Dračí Vědec (10 мес. назад)
Skall, do you agree that in sports many conditions are different for men
and women (for example weights of used equipment); based on the bullshit
fact that women are weaker, slower etc.? Or do you think it's a sexism
against men, disadvantiging men? Do you think in sports should be equal
conditions for both genders?
NeoDragonCount (1 месяц назад)
Muscular women ugly? Bull. I tend to never condone to societal norms in
regards to beauty standards and I say that muscular women can too be very
beautiful. Same with chubby women, or just the average body type. Hell, I
like high fantasy so much is since there are loads of female characters who
are actively taking part in frontline combat, and to get into that kind of
shape these women HAVE to have some degrees of above average musculature.
And you know what? A woman's beauty doesn't just stem from how smooth their
legs are of how big their breasts are and how long their hair is.
Blazeofglory2012 (1 месяц назад)
4.38 now and what you are saying is that a Scientific fact is annoying to
you and you disagree with it. sigh! women are weaker then men! get over
it. in this case it was a Young hoodrat woman, vs a old man driveing a
bus, and he still one punched her! what that video actually shows is
equality in action, if a man talks that way to another man and slaps him,
he would expect those fists any time. but women think equality is them
talking like that,treating others like shit, and then hideing behind "but
im a weak woman" when someone puts them in their place!
Roman Cihlar (22 дн. назад)
i always say that there is very few legit reasons why to hit anyone
(basically only while being under immediate assault) however when those are
present it does not matter if the subject is male or female.
DreddHound (1 месяц назад)
i think what Skallagrim meant by what he said was he thinks that men and
women in this situation and others like it should be treated on the same
"playing field" so to speak. regardless if its a man and woman arguing, if
a woman is being unreasonable, rude or endangering your life do what is
necessary. And by necessary i mean reasonable action, not punching her in
the face cause she looked at u the wrong way(this goes both ways btw). TBH
the argument of strength can only go up to a certain point..can a woman
gouge out eyeballs? can she kik a guys balls ofc she can, a 10 year old can
do it, the way people put the strength difference is as if both people are
gonna have a fight to the death, fighting tooth and claw..sry for the brick
Jade Muyan (4 мес. назад)
I'm pretty sure women are physically less strong than males, genetically.
But i still think the point remains the same, if you are going to hit
someone the victim has every right to self defense and hit back. Man or
woman weak or strong (although if a tiny 50kg girl was punching a huge
bodybuilder i would hope that he would hold back his full force but that is
the same reguardless of gender) 
Don joe (18 дн. назад)
If this case was the same but instead of being a women it was a weak man
nobody would care, so even with that there will still be sexism 
RenmarStriff (5 дн. назад)
I will say this about a woman building muscle or doing some strength
training. There is , at least in my ideals, a good type of muscle on a
woman, and a bad. If she has taken so much testostirom that she looks like
a man. Or has added needless bulk.. Pfft... Ill pass. But if she has it
with still the curves of a woman? Hey. Nothing wrong with that