About sexism and punching women

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This is my commentary on the "bus driver uppercuts female passenger" story. The common norm that you may never hit a women no matter what may seem positive at first glance, but if we take a closer look it's just another form of sexism.
In fact it discriminates against both men and women: Men are portrayed as the aggressive, dangerous gender which must restrain its violent tendencies, while women are portrayed as weak and vulnerable.

Doesn't it make more sense to judge the individual situation and the actual people involved? What if a strongly built woman beats up a skinny guy? Shouldn't he be allowed to defend himself, or at least try to? Or what if the man and woman involved are about the same build and likely equally strong and fit?

Over-generalizing rules and categories just don't always work. Sexism and fanatical feminism are definitely not the right answer. True equality of all genders is what we need.

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Skallagrim (11 мес. назад)
+Radovan Dragović
Yeah, but that's an issue of culture and socialization. I've often heard
people claim women are weaker and/or cannot fight because of inherent
biological differences, but it's mostly the societal gender roles.
Jaysann22 (21 дн. назад)
You can't just say, in a debate of logic, that we have to seriously set
aside facts and statistics for the sake of what YOU specifically perceive
and "feel" is wrong. When you are debating logic and reason you don't "set
aside" the facts and rationalize with emotion. And with your argument of
"equality" between men and women, it simply doesn't work. Just as you say
you can't generalize everyone, YOU can't just generalize men and women as
the same assets in the work place. For example, lets say you hire a woman
and a man to be bricklayers. A physical job laying bricks and pouring
concrete. The women who apply for the job cannot lift the bricks while the
men could. But the employer has to hire the women because not doing so
would be "sexist". So the employer is forced to put all the men on bricks
and all women on concrete because the women could not physically handle the
bricks. Ultimately, the men were handed the hard work and the women, the
easier work. But the employer then pays both the men and women equal pay.
Because doing otherwise would be "sexist" according to you right? But is
this really fair and equal? No...no its not. Its bullshit but THAT is the
kind of shit people and employers have to put up with all over the country.
You want to talk about playing the victim card? Nonwhites and women take
the grand prize. You can't even call a prostitute a slut anymore without
being called a misogynist and you can't criticize a black president's
policies because you'll be called a racist.
Kyle Dyer (3 мес. назад)
i always hated how people said it is against the law to hit a woman. its
illegal to assault anyone, no matter the race, gender, etc. the only thing
that says anything about respecting women and treating them better is the
knight's code of chivalry and the oaths of the Knights Templar. i do
believe that you shouldn't attack a woman, but i also believe in having a
sense of self-preservation and defending your well-being.
Wiziek (5 мес. назад)
I'd say it is funny especially when women can just point at guy and just
say "rapist, child molester" and screw that man life. Here we go, feminism
is just one big lie.
Alejandro Gangotena (1 месяц назад)
People shouldnt hit people. If people hit people, it should be either as a
friendly sparring match or consensual training, or as people defending
themselves or other people from someone being aggressive.
LarsaXL (1 месяц назад)
Fighting ability is not just about strength. For example I was much
stronger than my exgf but she had two black belts and could still toss me
Doom (6 мес. назад)
Women dont want equality, they want equal opportunities without equal
SHEIKHALI A (4 дн. назад)
I think it's a social constructs that only women can give birth.
Šílený Dračí Vědec (5 мес. назад)
Skall, do you agree that in sports many conditions are different for men
and women (for example weights of used equipment); based on the bullshit
fact that women are weaker, slower etc.? Or do you think it's a sexism
against men, disadvantiging men? Do you think in sports should be equal
conditions for both genders?
Lifestory18 (5 мес. назад)
ask brienne of tarth what she thinks about this topic >:D
Patrick Murphy (4 мес. назад)
In general I agree with you that resolving physical confrontations between
men and women should take into account any exceptions to the rule of men
generally being "stronger" than women, but the stereotype holds out pretty
well, and not only for extreme body builders (steroids actually often
lessens the difference there). The body design/composition of men and women
is different; women bruise more easily for example, due to having more
subcutaneous fat and less dense collagen in their skin than a similar male.
There are reasons for this from an anatomical design standpoint and there
are exceptions to this rule, but even a slim woman will generally bruise
easier than an overweight man. As far as muscle building, women have to
work a lot harder to get similar gains to a similarly aged male, but strong
is a subjective term to an extent (like you said). If a woman is trained to
defend herself, whether by means of a weapon, bodybuilding or martial arts,
or if she is facing a weaker male (perhaps unfit, younger, unsuspecting),
she can be "stronger" than a male. Thus the generalization does not always
hold true, and should be addressed in such cases.
Michael Shively (6 мес. назад)
What about romantic roles? Is it immoral to expect the male to propose
marriage or pay for the date? Genders shouldn't really be treated as
exactly the same.however, this whole "Don't hit women!" thing is very
DeviantDespot (5 мес. назад)
Equal opportunity asskicker. Duke Nukem was leading the way in equality.
Hall brolan (3 мес. назад)
well heres the problem with looking at strength lets say a man is huge like
300 pounds of pure muscle and a small 100 pound woman punches him. of
course hes at a advantage but she should have thought of that before she
attacked him. this also goes both ways if a small 100 pound man attacks a
300 pound pure muscle woman he should have thought of that before he
attacked her. it should be a simple matter of who started it . and whoever
started it is basically the one in the wrong and deserves what comes to
them. and let me clarify that started it means first to make contact in a
threatening or offensive manner such as a slap or again other form of
offensive contact. including sexually harrassing actions .
UnholyReaver (3 мес. назад)
Thing that irritates me is when people use statistics for singular events.
I am not the amorphous male, and the girl next to me is not the amorphous
female. If someone punches someone, it is not the
demographic punching the
demographic; it's Jack punching Paul.

People seem to ask in demographics, which is fine. It is easy to recognize
the the people by apparent traits, like "Why did the blondie punch the
black hair guy?' ease of communication. But when answering the question you
don't use statistics on hair colour to make a judgement. People dont hold
up banners about all the people with light hair being oppressed. Why did
Jack punch Paul? Who cares, it's they're problem. Does the punch become
worse if Jack was the taller one? or better if Paul cheats in videogames?

The question should be "Was Jack's punch a measured response?" and "Was
Paul being an arse?
BossProductions (3 мес. назад)
Ive always been disappointed with this particular sexist dilemma , but if
they attack you , go ahead , fuck em up. But if you just get into an
argument with a weaker person , man or woman , try not to hit them but if
you need to go ahead. But nobody needs to have a fight unless someone
REAAAALLY has it coming and needs a bashing to sort them straight then go
Zachary walter (3 мес. назад)
My only problem with this entire video is actually just something that I
had wished that you added. That would be the fact that physical strength
has little to do with fighting, being physically fit IS important, strength
arguably is not. My point is that saying that a woman (or women in general)
cannot defend themselves simply because they are not strong, or as strong
as a man, is sheer idiocy. Just because you are strong doesn't mean that
you can hold your own in a fight, by these peoples logic a woman can beat
me near to death and just because statistically men are supposedly stronger
than women I cannot retaliate? I agree with you Skallagrim, 100 percent.
MosbeckSB (6 мес. назад)
If women want actually equality they'd be willing to put up with getting
Infernal Design (4 мес. назад)
Does it even matter if she is smaller and therefore "disadvantaged" in a
fight. It's irrelevant that would mean small people could get away with
hitting large people by virtue of the fact that if the large person fought
back that they would have the advantage. If someone tries to inflict
bodily harm on you then you should have the right to use reasonable
physical force to defend yourself regardless of how strong they are OR what
gender they are THEY are ultimately in the wrong and you shouldn't have to
suffer an assault simply because of your physical advantages