Ahmadinejad clash with Larijani in Majlis during impeachment of minister of labour

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The material used in this video is collected from several sources of sound and picture footage . Ahmadinejad clashed with Majlis speaker Ali Larijani during impeachment of his minister of labour in open session of Majlis on Sunday 3 February . The minister impeachment was related to appointment of judge Saeid Mortazavi to head of social security [http://www.lenziran.com/2012/08/vice-president-rahimi-reject-verdict-of-administrative-court-judge-mortazavi-will-remain/]

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Peace4planet (1 год назад)
Ye kare mosbati in mardak Ahmadinejad kard ke daste dozan ra ruh kard in
baradarane Larijaniha in kesafata Iran ra tabah kardand. Ala kheli khoob
shod ke doza va janavaran hoftadand be jone hamdige.
These bastards are killing each others, very nice, both of these
motherfuckers are enemy of Iran, happy to see any of them is gone, makes
our job easier, we only have to get rid of one of them then.
Dontobby89 (1 год назад)
and they surely broadcast from london
Cyrus75m (1 год назад)
Wow! where did you get your degree? 3 kinds of people??! Do you have a
psychology degree?? Don't make a fool of your-self
Zabardastable (1 год назад)
hahaha new from bbc about Iran, i am not surprised its just as usual.. well
to have these problems in a parliament further proves that Ahmedinejad is
not a dictator, he also receive criticism.. its absolutely normal in a
democratic Government. long live Iran and Islam
Ashimashy1 (1 год назад)
Goore babaye hamatoon jakeshaa. khoobe bioftin be joone khahar madare
hamdige .
Paulo frança (1 год назад)
Brazil precissa a iatolar the presidency to end ladruagem
Bardiakzadegan (1 год назад)
درود بر ریس جمهور احمدی نژاد، امیر کبیر ایران. با وجود اشتباهاتی هم که
کردی، لحظه ای از رای دادن به تو پشیمان نیستم. و با وجود جلوگیری نخبگان و
روشنفکران جاهل و کودن این سرزمین از کارهای بیشتر تو، خدمات بی سابقه ای به
ملت ایران کردی.
Kurosh Kaviani (1 год назад)
حکومت ایران حکومت اراذل اوباش .این از نمایندگاش یک مشت گاو و گوسفند و اون
هم از قوه قضاییه اش که عدالت اخرین شعارشه .یک نظام که روی دروغ و تزویر و
ریاکاری بنا شده .
Shiftas2 (1 год назад)
are we all missing something here?
Booveaash (1 год назад)
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Reza kiar (1 год назад)
khob melat iran ro mesle gorbani wasat endakhtid wa ba in barnamehaj
maskharaton mashgol kardid ke betonid milion wa milijard dollar ha ra
bokhorid.hich kodometon shakhsijat nadarid az on mullaj bala ali jek dast
ta on hossein sibsorki gatel.
Usukkindasorta (1 год назад)
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Missdickbooduh (1 год назад)
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