[Updated] Kuradal Slayer Weakness Chart - All Assignments Weaknesses - EoC

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Interactive Duradel/Lapalok Weakness Chart; http://youtu.be/p_tgRYnzA_A

Hey guys, I have made an (updated) interactive Kuradal Slayer Weakness Chart, to help myself and others get 99 Slayer :) You will need to turn annotations on to use if efficiently! Just select the creature you need the weakness for on the menu!

The weaknesses are as follows: air, water,earth and fire spells. Thrown, arrows and bolts for range. Crush, slash and stab for melee!

Assignments included are:

Aberrant Spectres
Abyssal Demons
Black Demons
Black Dragons
Blue Dragons
Dark Beasts
Desert Strykwyrms
Dust Devils
Fire Giants
Ganodermic Beasts
Greater Demons
Ice Strykwyrms
Iron Dragons
Jungle Strykwyrms
Living Rock Creatures
Mithril Dragons
Mutated Jadinkos
Skeletal Wyverns
Spiritual Mages
Steel Dragons
Terror Dogs
Warped Tortoises

Thanks for watching :)

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Playpro0500 (1 год назад)
back? it never left...
Cobwebownz (2 г. назад)
nothing is weak to air....
SkillbertII (2 г. назад)
why didn't you just list the weaknesses in the description? you got a whole
list of the monsters there...
Amara Dulcis (2 г. назад)
i just got scarabites from lapalok, not on the guide =(
SupImSpudda (2 г. назад)
the people who have disliked can fuck off, the amount of time it would of
took for him to make this is crazy.
KappaHD (2 г. назад)
I dont even play rs anymore, and still watched the whole video.
Chaotic Mew (2 г. назад)
this is the Kuradal's guide video..
FuryMortal (2 г. назад)
or just dh them all!
RsnPeppses K (2 г. назад)
You should set ExP/Hr here too btw. :)
Skiller0904 (1 год назад)
in the beta they made it so all flowers were red flowers, whereas in the
eoc they kept all types of flowers
Bruce Wayne (2 г. назад)
a faster method would be to just Rune Wiki all tgis info lol.
Jamie Gollins (2 г. назад)
You're calling me stupid? You don't have the mental capacity to handle
clicking on a list. No one else is complaining about it now stfu.
Uwajocom (1 год назад)
Of course I am calling you stupid. You cannot understand simple things.
Having things all in one list to be able to compare by various aspects is
incredibly more advantageous. Otherwise this is noway better than a list of
Kuradal monsters in wikipedia. Not to mention you can open multiple tabs
fast and compare fast.
PleaseRename ThisUser (2 г. назад)
nice :)
I0rx (2 г. назад)
Abberant spectres are on the list. If you mean banshees they arent assigned
by kuradal.
RcingOsiris (2 г. назад)
The need for this video is pretty much useless, since slayer masters tell
the monsters weekness if you ask "do you have any tips for me", it was
updated recently.
Madtamerjr (2 г. назад)
watch number1boss he does that
Darkfury45 (2 г. назад)
it doesnt make sense because jagex wants you to be able to use the
antidragon shield, so they should be weak to bolts. guess its just
rewarding for ppl with super antis
Ancient lawz (2 г. назад)
Aberrant Spectres: arrow Abyssal Demons: slash Aquanites: arrow Black
Demons: bolt Black Dragons: arrow Bloodvelds: Fire, for regular thrown Blue
Dragons: arrow Dagannoths: Earth/Air Dark Beasts: Bolts Desert Strykwyrms:
Stab Dust Devils: Crush Fire Giants: Slash Ganodermic Beasts: Fire spells
Gargoyles: water Greater Demons: bolts Grotworms: bolts Grifolaroo: earth
Griflopine: Water Hellhounds: slash Ice Strykwyrms: Fire Iron Dragons:
water Jungle Strykwyrms: stab Kalphites: water