Why Do Natural Disasters Happen?

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Ada Wong (3 мес. назад)
Many ego responses here.
SaintJohn's (2 г. назад)
Such nonsense. You are telling me that God created the hurricane to punish
people, and that infact, it is a good thing, we just aren't developed
enough to understand it? See how crazy taking leave of your sense and
following religion makes people?
Stamstuff (2 г. назад)
here is another reason look for this video here on youtube "they are us
israel revolution", check the links in the 'Show more' bar
C33Four (2 г. назад)
I believe Sandy happened because the great invisible fish in the sky said
we are not focused on out egos ENOUGH. No I'm not a jerk atheist, I'm
agnostic. But not only do I not see the relationship of our supposed
inflated egos (which by the way, youths today are more religious, family
oriented and willing to donate than those of the past 5 generations), I
can't see why that would justify natural disaster. BTW tell this to Japan's
COLLECTIVIST society after their earthquake.
Craig Gomes (1 год назад)
When you say man can not fight himself on his own. Do you mean man can not
be kind and respectful without faith?
AloneIn (1 год назад)
you are right my friend but kabbalah isnt a religion its for everyone to
learn :) the religions today dont give answer to anything and still respect
the material body and doesnt change your personality they think they are
better then everybody and doing gods work but that is just not the way the
true way is kabbalah and only by surpassing our ego and spread true love
the world will be saved! :P think about what i said and you will understand
what im saying peace and love to all!! :P
MyForumDaily (1 год назад)
He created us with egos so that we can work to harness and/or supress them
via the study of Torah. this is the only solution. man can not fight
himself on his own.
Anamarie8 (2 г. назад)
after reading the comments,i feel like saying that we are connected to
nature and may not understand fully yet what that relationship is. just
like the "animal kingdom" perhaps their aggression is an acting out of,a
projection on them by human aggression. atleast it is sensible and good to
imaginewithout taking others' ideas for what is True. that activity would
be the inate God in you. Not religion. I love listening to Mr. Laitman when
I don't have to agree or disagree with what he is saying.
Wesley Paul Eva (1 год назад)
The world us f**ked because the fallen angels/Elohim mated with the
daughters of men and corrupted.God gave us freedom of choice when he
created us and his plan is that we use that choice to live as righteous and
pure a life as possible so we are clean of that corruption and thus worthy
of entering the next kingdom and the kabbalah was introduced to humanity by
the same Elohim to further corrupt and bind us to their evil ways
C Jones (2 г. назад)
we think since we have the most "developed" minds, that means we can
understand and comprehend the nature and how it operates. clearly, the law
of nature is that it aspires to balance, the law of entropy, homeostasis -
is it not possible that we can't yet perceive the direction and motivation
of nature? we're being told here that we can't criticize nature's attitude
toward us because we are simply a part of it, not above it. we suffer the
most out of anything on earth, now we need to ask why.
Smartpants (1 год назад)
I like that. Thank you!