FBI: The Untold Stories - The Outlaw Biker Murders 1

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Hosted by Pernell Roberts.

On July 4, 1979, a gunman opened fire on five sleeping members of the Outlaw Biker gang in Charlotte, North Carolina. Authorities suspected a turf war between rival gangs. The FBI transformed all-American agent Lance Emory into a biker in a dangerous attempt to gather information.

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Kathy Fegurgur (1 месяц назад)
Smitty , you will always be loved !!!! and for those who framed you it's
called KARMA !!!!!!!!!!!
Neal Callaghan (1 год назад)
He's Pernell Roberts, and ill join him tonight, for FBI: The Untold Sotries
TheGanglandman (4 г. назад)
@0990515349658 LOL hahaha
Pjicleanair420 (4 г. назад)
iv seen 2 hells angels in virginia walk into a restaurant, were asked to
leave my the owner and they knocked him out cold
Barfly1911 (4 г. назад)
@uranorexic I'll denigrate law enforcement anytime I want, what are you
going to do? The FBI brought tanks in to attack civilians and murdered
childern in the process. Your familiy is the reason that the Navy sews
their name tags on the back of their pants. You call Japanese people Japs
because you are a racist retard. Come on entertain me some more!
Herb Herbert (4 г. назад)
this shit is lame
Akvalues (5 г. назад)
MrGhostblood (2 г. назад)
Imagine a guy walking up with a fake beard and diguise like that and asking
for drugs.
Fluffydolly (4 г. назад)
that fake beard would get him picked out real quick....lmao!!!!
Slyrader1 (3 г. назад)
i fucked pam
MrSkidmark999 (2 г. назад)
I got 3 mins in and had to shit! And you know what? it look more real!
Sublime Music Channel (2 г. назад)
Okay, okay, I know whatI like best--THE FAKEST BEARD THERE'S EVER BEEN!!!!
(The high school drama society acting is also a treat!)
Treblaine (4 г. назад)
Hopefully he didn't wear a beard that looks that fake. It's like a
mall-santa beard.
All Desperado (3 г. назад)
Nice beard. Totally looks real.
DarksomeKnight13 (4 г. назад)
I can't believe this bull$#!+! First of all if the beard doesn't give him
motorcycle club that wears them are the Hells Angels. If this guy was
trying to infiltrate the Outlaws, supporting their colors would have been a
good start. This actor (and a BAD one as well) doesn't even remotely
resemble "Chains." I can't believe the liberties the media and other
"storytellers" take on their "re-enactments."
RT Myths Debunked (5 г. назад)
Thanks for the upload. This event was one of a few that helped convince my
parents to move back to Germany from N.C.