◀ DAYZ MOD: Large Team Gameplay 18+ (longplay)

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WARNING VIDEO IS 18+ (Contains unedited mature language and theme)


This video contains un-edited footage recorded over a 3 day period on EU and US servers.

RG and friends team up on Day-Z and take on the apocalypse. After several of us were killed trying to link up we starting shooting all others on sight. This mod features a mixture of our milsim unit, reserve players and friends we met along the way and team up with.

Apologise for the typo's in the annotations, I made this in a few hours :)

An amazing ARMA 2 mod, find our download links and more at:


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Комментарии (50)

Berrtyman (3 г. назад)
i do for sure
Ozzy3456 (3 г. назад)
keep these vids up!
Fox Gaming (2 г. назад)
sorry to be a negative nancy, but what the hell is the guy filming doing?
Has sniper rifle at the start, doesnt take teh shots, lets his friends try
with ak's and winchesters, while he runs infront of them lol? Then later
hip fires his enfield amongst his friends? (and dies) Sorry man but not
Reaperkilles2 (3 г. назад)
ladders are not glitched its just u try to take out ur pistol and it pushes
u back while ur primory is slung acrossed ur chest and u dont get pushed bck
Brandon Clark (2 г. назад)
this game look boring. 10 minutes watching and its just a bunch of guys
circle jerkin staring off into nothing
Andrews Reality Gaming (2 г. назад)
RobJG1976 (2 г. назад)
when it was just the two of you you should of never separated but the guy
with the sniper was a coward and left you to die. stupid limey brit! when
in a team stick TOGETHER!!!
0oFatMano0 (3 г. назад)
Sometimes the zombies sound like their saying "FACK!"
DannyCon (3 г. назад)
Great vid, the night time bits are something else you can't see sod all!
Chris Kyle (3 г. назад)
They need to make a game like this for consoles.
Mike The Gamer (3 г. назад)
yea, its the stupid hitboxes for the buildings. they suck.
Shadowdan1990 (3 г. назад)
yep i remember a few days ago i was litterly 3-4 feet from a zombie. i was
crawling lol
Grandcubester (3 г. назад)
anybody else see the guy in the window at 3:37?
FruitlessCRUNK (3 г. назад)
you need the orignal arma 2
Rooster (3 г. назад)
nice video, but the audio is a bit fucked
Ricky collins (3 г. назад)
plzz make more!!!! :P
Kosti Pesonen (3 г. назад)
Delalcon (3 г. назад)
@palermodpr to make em scary... This big of a battlefield would be boring
with slow moving zombiess.