How to capture SCP-106 (SCP-containment breach)

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SCP-106's recall protocol.

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Voidacus (6 мес. назад)
I keep seeing questions about the femur breaker. Let me clear some things
Kiddos, the femur is your leg bone. Yep, the bone in your thigh. The femur
breaker is a machine that sends an iron bar down on the leg and CRUNCH,
snaps it in two. As for why they use it heres Ivan Tan's comment: "The
femur is broken because it fuels 106's sadistic nature. 106 only hears the
screaming n' shit when it is broadcast on the speakers. Since this
recapture has been done many times in the past already, 106 knows that he's
favourite kind of toy has been prepared (an incapacitated one) for him, and
where is it. So he goes there to "play" with his new toy.
Isaiah Rodriguez (1 месяц назад)
When I took this vid to re-contain SCP-106, SCP-106 kept on chasing me! But
I did my own steps only 5 steps needed!

Step-1 Enable the ELO-IID
Step-2 Enable the ST (sound transmission)
Step-3 Enable the Femur Breaker. (I hate this one)
Step-4 Wait for SCP-106 to appear on the video feed.
Step-5 (most crucial step of all) Immediately enable the ELO-IID right
after the 4th step has been completed. After then you have successfully
re-contained SCP-106.
Dx2255 (4 мес. назад)
I can't press the femur breaker why that
SnorlaxBronyGamer (7 мес. назад)
Guide for people who look at comments:
DISCLAIMER: If you want to win from the Gate A ending, do NOT contain 106.
1. Go down the staircase after the walkway in 106's chamber.
2. Turn off the magnetic reboot thing, and turn on the sound transmission.
3. Press the femur breaker.
4. Look at the monitor, and wait until 106 comes out to attack the bait
5. As soon as the monitor goes black, turn on the magnet.
6. He is contained!
Why he's contained: The walls inside that room are giving magnetic pulses
so strong, you can't move. 106 is stuck in the middle of that room. That
means he can't move, much less go through the walls. WIN!
SniperMaske (1 год назад)
F-F-F-F-Femur Breaker! XD
… But seriously, this is so horrible.
Finlay Van Heron (9 мес. назад)
I realised what I had been doing wrong. Every time I broke his femur 106
would come after me. It's because I didn't turn the electro lid thingy off.
Nicholas Townsend (1 год назад)
They break the femur because (due to the fact it's your strongest bone) it
produces enough pain and screaming n' shit that 106 hears it and comes to
eat the dudes soul, because it's easy prey.
TymeTwyster Last (1 год назад)
In case anyone has any doubts about what the term "termination" means in
regards to "The Foundation" in the SCP universe, there's a point on their
website about how, "No one is ever fired from this organization and all
retirements are posthumous."

You do the math.
Uday Rana (1 год назад)
Here is something which many of you people don't know. The D Class
personnel may be free if they obey and do all their duties correctly and
flawlessly. It's kind of like being a scholar.
Wolf Hazlehurst (1 год назад)
Poor Guy
Jesse thomas (1 год назад)

Greg (1 год назад)
You did it wrong! You need to turn on the magnits again before the camera
corrodes. If you do it too late he'll come for you!
Raks889 (1 год назад)
So this is the reason why my femur got broken and i saw SCP-106 Taking me
to his pocket dimension ;-;
IcyDrag (2 г. назад)
I literally jumped out of my chair when SCP-079 showed up
Gods best Trolling (2 г. назад)
teleport? you can use noclip
Epicat999 (2 г. назад)
greatest fishing mini-game since OoT
Gabriel Rodriguez (2 г. назад)
Instead of me getting him he got me from behind
Fd god (2 г. назад)
Brandon Davis (2 г. назад)
1. Americans aren't the only people who use English. 2. If you are writing
in English than English grammar is the correct one.
Pride of Night (1 год назад)