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Alva Clifford (6 мес. назад)
I think he is fed up of the conventional strutting down the catwalk way of
showing clothes and so I'm I, This way is more interesting. I love it!
Hala Aziz (7 мес. назад)
Steve Milatos Steve Milatos Steve Milatos Steve Milatos Steve Milatos Steve
Milatos Steve Milatos 
Hassan Wilcox (12 мес. назад)
This show is amazing
Denica mihailova (1 год назад)
Brian Eduardo (1 год назад)
very clever idea makes you really look at the garments
Hamed Hamad (1 год назад)
What a GREAT way to respect your clothes on your night. Bravo! Let me
get that for you. (sarcasm). 
Nabilla Aidid (1 год назад)
who's model at 4.10?
PuroQuore (1 год назад)
Guarda questo video su YouTube:
Josephinachristina wernke (1 год назад)
Johnsanabria17 (1 год назад)
I think jean paul gautlier was very creative by using this method . but in
my perspective , you cant get to appreciate the clothes as it was intended
to , because the clothing stacks up into one another and one cant see the
natural way the clothes flow throughout the models body . its hard to judge
the clothes this way . whether the quality be good or bad the display of
this show is misleading
Jenna SayzRawrr (2 г. назад)
3:02 yep, i'm comin babe ;D
Angie D (2 г. назад)
Bryan Zapata (2 г. назад)
modelos, ademas de pejic?
SuGarX33RuSHH (2 г. назад)
jeremy dufour!! <3 so hotttt
Walter di nicola (1 год назад)
Wow. This is stile
TheFloralisse (2 г. назад)
This video i so nice,the gaulthier show is very good,Who is the boy at
0:36,to 0:49
Nagia S (2 г. назад)
Connor O'Brien (2 г. назад)
I feel like it's criminal to be throwing the pieces down on the floor haha