Cuba vs China - Women's Volleyball - Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games

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Experience all the highs and lows as Cuba take on China in the bronze medal game of the women's volleyball at the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games.

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Philoveritas (5 г. назад)
I like Rui Rui Zhao! And yes it's touching.
Poptakki (6 г. назад)
so touching to see Ruirui's tear at the end.
Kitagay (5 г. назад)
cuba's second best they just had a bad couple of game's
Crvieites (2 г. назад)
Peru so se for no natal, hahahahahahahahaa, ja era a mto mais tempo que
Cuba, rs...
Jean Michell (5 г. назад)
Cuba sucks, China rocks, very good job China!
Gamilgamil (6 г. назад)
that all excuses...brazil made it cause they deserved...!go to olympics is
prepare and being in good they worked hard to be in good shape
and win !
Filhadaivone (6 г. назад)
I mean.. I am brazilian...
Stif ayala (3 г. назад)
pinche perras las chinas yo le hiba a mis hermanitas latinas las cubanas.
Patrik Czernarij (6 г. назад)
China = host country and gold medal in Athens'2008 Cuba = three time
olympic champion This time they had to fight 4 the bronze...sorry :)