SARA SUTEN SETI v.s BROTHER POLIGHT: This how it 1st went down a year ago.

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This is where the beef 1st started between SARA SUTEN SETI AND BROTHER POLIGHT
About the 37 minute mark is when SETI AND POLIGHT started to beef.
Who made the subliminal attack? Who feel like their accomplishment is greater than the other? Who acting jealous? Who acting like they have a grudge? Who you side with?
The Gathering of the Young Masters ft Seti, Polight & Umar
On December 9, 2011
Edited by Craige X
You check out the full 3 hr show @


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Jack Brown (6 мес. назад)
A real G rapping: 'we aint own nuting. And we is economical slaves. Nuting
change. Integration done destroyed us!'
Masterciphersupreme (11 мес. назад)
now Polite is talking all of this "God, yo God" talk as if he's a 5%er
again. shank this Nigga because he is a fake. that's not the Nuwaubian
language. Polite is a phony, a fake. get the fuck off our Language and
speak your or that Nuwaubian talk. The Gods don't have nothing to do with
your punk ass Gaylite
Michael Baker (11 мес. назад)
Every website I've seen to be able to contact General Seti,.... or the
BlackPowerCartel,... As of 8/19/2014 is up for sale.
It leads to a domain name for sale site.
Not to be disrespectful to the other conscious groups,... but Seti
"speaks" to me waaayyy more. He reaches the raw uncut "Nigga", me
without all the other extra shyt..... Like Tupac did before,...and after
the "DeathRow" era. 
Edward Jones (1 год назад)
The three mega powers at one time! When do we get some of this in a lecture
on camera?
King Supreme (1 год назад)
Amelia Miller (1 год назад)
They need to come together under a single message (message does not need to
be all inclusive of either one's views, just a starting point). Seti is an
emotional speaker, he talks to a persons feelings while imparting some
information which will sway them toward his side/view. Bro. Polight is a
realistic speaker. He gives facts and steps towards solutions while
acknowledging historical facts as they pertain to his subject matter. He
doesn't use too much emotion, he uses logic and facts which is far more
stimulating to a thinker. They are two steps on the same ladder. They need
to come together with a single message to draw in our people and simply
present themselves and let the individual choose the path under the union.
It will create more solidarity and less bickering. Like a family unit..
Cousins rarely argue the merits of their parents parenting style to the
point of murder or violence, it could be the same way if they come together
for our people especially if they are seen more like sister organizations
than neighbors
Savvy Johnson (1 год назад)
Who cares about the area code or zip.. Is this a hip-hop movement??lol..
Listening to "General Seti" I must say clean it up.. It is one thing to
relate to your targeted audience, but another to keep them ignorant.. I say
that because you speak like a prison house pastor.. I have been called many
times to lead and one thing I have learned when approaching our people.. Is
that if I spoke to them in the same ignorant tones, that they are
accustomed to.. Then I have not challenged them and on top of that I have
insulted their intelligence.. No matter if they are aware of it or not...
The fact is I am aware of it... Wealth begins with self... When we find
ourselves... Then everything else will fall in place... Peace Kings and
NextLevelENT718 (1 год назад)
Anytime you can get brothers to sit down and talk about any thing positive
is a Great thing.
George thompson (1 год назад)
man cannot save us only the most high and am not a african
Junior harding (1 год назад)
People who have no hope are easy to control, he who controls the people,
controls the power. "power corrupts and absolute power corrupts
Theosmelek1 (1 год назад)
Seti got off into his emotions & started trippin'! Brother Polight went out
of his way to reel that nigga in. Crazy. Good they came together
Elliott Blount (1 год назад)
This is when the two lovers met. The greek courting ritual. All that
"beef." Look how seti holds that long mic ever so gently...
NGH Harris (1 год назад)
SETI is an CIA agent... If you can't see that you might still be lost. 
Dreadheadmarlee25 (1 год назад)
POLIE is not only a liar and a fraud but he just told me all I need to know
himself by himself. This dude said ::: yeah I used to be with the brothers
screaming black power and let's rage war against our oppressors knowing
damn well I was never going to do any of that shit::::: lmao sonic shot
jumps off ever POLIE is notgoing to fight with his people! He don't care
bout his people he care bout making his money while deceiving people. This
nigga I think is actuallya Canaan he not even of Israel. 
BlackPeopleMustRise (2 г. назад)
This was very good thank's for sharing,
Iran El Bey (2 г. назад)
A successful nation is run by a group of leaders..... Different hats, same
Ken hetep re (2 г. назад)
2 liberation and oppression which is what the master teacher DR MALACHI Z
YORK teaches THE VOICES many heard from other various schools was messages
to get the attention of our people but ATUM-RE DIDNT SUBCRIBE to their
teachings totally as he came to raise us above the negative negroe
mentality that keeps us debating and not progressing as of now a revolution
would be suicide we know draconains feats off blood of the living and
in-spire minds like sar suten seti to have us fall into
Replicated Cypher (2 г. назад)
I agree,there has never been a great civilization that was void of both
economic and military power...
Blacklove160 (2 г. назад)
UltraMagneticSupreme (2 г. назад)
black self hatred should be the base