Oğlum bak git :)))) İzle kop:)))) (With English Translation)

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ENGLISH Translation:
scavenger: Boy,look,move along!
adolescent boy: come on kick! kick again! come on! kick!

scavenger: man goo!!

adolescent boy: what happened? You can't dare?? haa? Shall i kick to your back?why did you kick? Ha?

scavenger: Boy,look,move along! gooo! i warn you goo!!

adolescent boy: what will happen?

scavenger: Boy,look,move along! You take a beating more! Go! Is it ok?

adolescent boy: what will happen!?Anything will happen?

scavenger: ence....

adolescent boy: (shakes the belt after scavenger) come on.. (this was the last time he could speak:))

ouchhhhh!!!!!! ok! ok! okk!!!! ok!! ouchhhhhhhh!! ouchhhhhhhhh!! ouchhhhh:((( ouchhhhhhhhhh:(((........

After this event he had been taken a hospital...

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