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Hey, this is My room/Set-up, Just a simple basketball card project that i decided to do today...Don't be hatin on the Lakers i just needed a Center Piece ahah, I don't even Watch basketball anymore though, because i feel like players only care about money money money, where's the love for the sport at :[

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Skate nation (11 мес. назад)
u call that to much to go through i went through 2mil last week and still
hav mor ........................modern day lazyness
WickyJokervids (2 г. назад)
Is the picture of MJ and the gloves just a coincidence?
Mojoheat161 (1 год назад)
about how i find stuff at goodwill i went today ad found a 1987 mj poster
Prozaah (2 г. назад)
Workout gloves aha, yeah.