Thief Of Hours Class With Enhancements AdventureQuest Worlds

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So Here is a Video for the Thief Of Hour Class in AQW.
In the video I show you the Thief Of Hours Class in PvP and
The Thief Of Hour Class Soloing
I recommend you all get it Watch in High Def.

Enhancement Offensive:

Class: Lucky
Helm: Lucky
Cape: Lucky
Weapon: Lucky

Enhancement Defensive/PVP:

Class: Thief
Helm: Thief
Cape: Thief
Weapon: Thief / Lucky

You use the moves in the order
Temporal Insanity, Steal Seconds, Sonic Piledriver
Steal Seconds , Sonic Piledriver 4-5x Then Timestream

Mikevue13 For The Dubstep song

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