Hurricane Luis, St Martin, St Maarten September 1995

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Some old VHS film rehashed to show the devastation wrought by this powerful cat 4 storm as its eyewall passed over St Martin /Sint Maarten on Sept 5th 1995.

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J Thomas (1 год назад)
R.I.P John Hope
Hiimkian (3 г. назад)
Soualigacapoeira (7 г. назад)
man, i totally relived that day (and the subsequent chaos) by watching this
vid. Great to have this documented like this...keep up the good work! (and
check out my vids :-)) cheers mate
Sweetness42785 (6 г. назад)
i remember luis well, and when u took that drive simpson bay it was like
being there, cause i remember those boats when we took a drive down that
way. i experience luis on l.b. scott road, and its quite a thing to have
lived through.
Vincent gumbs (6 г. назад)
i was on radio st barth to informe the peoples there's a hurricane coming ,
never see thinks like dat , it's like you drop a bomb on the island ,
thanks god for is protection ...........
TheMonsta200 (7 г. назад)
Thats the exact date of my birth day.
Yogz537 (4 г. назад)
@tropicaldan no luis was most of the time a cat 4 but it did go up to cat 5
for quite some time, while we were stuck in the eye wall for almost 2 days.
i remember it very well....
Zack Speranza (3 г. назад)
they still havnt cleaned up mullet bay from this storm
Wasntbad (6 г. назад)
omg i was 8 in st.martin when luis happened.thanx god my house didnt came
apart like those that came to stay with us..i miss my beautiful home.
SKBenergy (3 г. назад)
awesome footage, greetings from St Kitts and Nevis, by chance u have any
footage of Hurricane George of 1998?, that was the most powerful storm to
hit here since hurricane HUGO but since St Kitts and St Marteen are so
close i dont know if that was the case for you guys
Paynepirates (7 г. назад)
Well done Dan, nice job. We forget how messed up it was afterwards - did
you ever buy a copy of the video that they had in the shops afterwards?
Tropicaldan (7 г. назад)
I did, but it got washed away by the floods of Jose and Lenny !
DANTANA SOUND (5 г. назад)
Dustiliciousz (6 г. назад)
I remember this like it was yesterday, Milton Peters College shelter,
Gaëtane Roger (7 г. назад)
Yes, well done! it reminds me so many things like every Sunday after Luis
is was (in Grand-Case, but I guess every where else too)cleaning time. Even
if Luis had devasted the island, people for few weeks were so nice to each
other, I remember this huge solidarity... Miss it! Cheers Gathy
Sasje23 (5 г. назад)
Oh I remember this exactly..even that guy on the weather me
goosebumps and brings tears to my eyes to see it all again..thanks for
making this. It is good to remember.
Janice11353 (4 г. назад)
I'll never forget the extent of damage - as if we were bombed! Survival
stories were shared at Le'Select by sailors who road it out in Simpson Bay,
fighting wind, sea, and the many charter boats with no one on board tending
their anchors - loose and slamming into other boats - many vessels sank to
the bottom of the bay with people on board. A man who made it to the safety
of a rock on shore told me there was a green shimmer in the sand the day
after the storm - dead humming birds.
Caribbeanoceanvillas (5 г. назад)
It was a cat 5
Sniperkid389 (3 г. назад)
Anguilla got a direct hit from the eye.