New Energy Series 2: John Hutchison Part 1

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This unassuming Vancouver inventor demonstrates his gravity-defying high-voltage experimentation, crystal energy coverter batteries, and describes the circumstances surrounding the confiscation of his equipment by the Canadian government. Fascinating footage of metals acting like jelly and levitation effects including a 70-lb. cannonball!

The New Energy Series

Tom Bearden, John Hutchison, Joseph Newman, Troy Reed, and Dennis Lee.

Meet some courageous inventors and scientists who are finally willing to reveal their cutting-edge technologies to the world. Discover the New Science that will revolutionize human civilization. Step into the private worlds of some of today's most exciting inventors and engineers. Explore their laboratories. Examine their theories. Look at their machines. See technologies that power cars, levitate canon balls, and produce clean, non-polluting "zero point" energy ­ now acknowledged by physicists to exist in all space as a "running river" of infinite, accessible electromagnetic energy.

Take an in-depth, up-close, personal look at each inventor and his work. View never-before-seen footage of some phenomenal experiments. This is a rare opportunity to learn about this fascinating work, with the sense of intimacy that only the medium of video delivers --­ an opportunity not to be missed.

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Pete Siruk (27 дн. назад)
He looks like jan klod van dam
Katherine hunter (2 мес. назад)
Nikola Tesla has been my HERO since I studied him back in Grade 5 at
Tweedsmuir School for Girls, in Science. I won the Science Fair that
year for creating enough electricity with a crude home made Tesla Coil to
turn on a 15 watt light bulb! It is fabulous to see the work you are doing
John Hutchinson. I always knew someone like you would come along and really
get into Tesla and push the limits of discovery . Keep up the good work
Man . Tesla would be proud to see what you are up to! KEH
Hyperplace (5 мес. назад)
I'm not a scientist. Nor have I figured out how Hutchison does this but I
have a theory of what is happening. What if it has nothing to do with anti
gravity. What if this was about buoyancy? Much like helium lifts because
it's lighter than air. Or bubbles of gas rising from the deep ocean floor.
What if John inadvertently figured a way to reduce mass on an atomic level
yet keep the appearance of a structure temporarily? Now as I understand it,
he does different things to create different effects. And he does not
necessarily have standardized processes. Perhaps that is why in SOME of his
tests, metal bars appear to collapse and in others, leave shreds of
particles-- because the structure was not able to return to its original
state. It's the star trek transporter going haywire and unable to
reassemble the molecules.
Zachary Mims (7 мес. назад)
Michael Tellinger Look up this man he has found the stones that were
designed for exactly what you do. and is looking for some where to test
them. Ringstone for building the pyramids.
Rhon r (1 год назад)
Holy Cow!
Turbodude555 (1 год назад)
Guy is a massive, big time faker. Check out one of his videos on my
channel, there's a bloody wire doing the "levitating" lmao. This is why he
can never, ever reproduce his "findings" with a non biased witness. And why
nobody can reproduce the effect. Without wires lol
Thomas Marzec (1 год назад)
Trend, can I get your opinion on this please?
Nick ardizzoni (1 год назад)
Hes not on wikipedia government probably took it down
DanusMax (1 год назад)
This guy is a fake,

1. Nobody else can reproduce what he "does" in the labs.

2. Unlike Higgs particle, he has NO mathematics that even try to explain
what is going on. Higgs had the mathematics to show that what he said could
be possible. Just like all other REAL scientific theories and laws.

3. I like sci fi as much as sci fact. However, I hate when people are
fooled into believeng sci fi IS sci fact because they have NO idea how
science really works.

4. A true scientist would not sell his information to others. Did higgs
sell his particle information to the scientific community? HELL NO.. in
fact he was scared to present what he MATHEMATICALLY (something this guy
didnt do) found to others. Instead of getting boos he got praise.

So show the mathematics behind it.. and maybe nobody will think this guy is
a crazy person. However the people who think this is real must be more
stupid to buy into this. If I discover something know this. It will all be
free. Especially if it has to do with energy. There is NO need to make
money when all energy will be abundant and renewable. Then we can easily
solve world hunger. Instead of sitting in a basement finding stupid was to
trick the dumb and gullable.

My advice.. READ A DAMN BOOK... another thing you gullies gotta do. Get him
to show these things outside his basement and into the public higgs did ..
so he should as well.
Manuel Ugalde ultreras (1 год назад)
TURBODUDE, what video are you talking about with regards to the wire doing
the levitation so something like that. I am not a scientist or a
mathematician but I believe that his work is real as a matter of fact, I
believe that through some forms of electromagnetic fields you can break
down materials into their basic components so that you can build anything
that you want. This is an idea that I have to create equipment to build
and make future ideas come true. Right now, I am looking into the
astrophysics field and looking forward to get the right counseling so that
I do not go in the wrong direction of my studies. Look, If you can create
a magnetic field strong enough you can magnetize anything, look for videos
on youtube such as the strongest magnets which are created by having one
magnet inside another. If that can be the case, why can his device create a
small magnetic field such that the objects are levitating. Otherwise, if
the magnetic field he has created was that strong, he could not be around
that small area and all his equipment would be ruined by the magnetic field
produced by his apparatus. I am just making observations on the video.
Robert Frapples (10 мес. назад)
I hope everyone noticed that one of the objects that he was making vibrate
around like a 1970's Coleco football game was a bottle of SALVIA! He is
just another drug addict that thinks he is superior to others while he's
high. He's really quite pathetic, and what he is doing is quite basic and
TheUKtodayVideos (2 г. назад)
next video you produce PLEASE control the sound as at the end it was SO LOUD
BULL BEAR (2 г. назад)
Or I could watch all 5 videos for free on youtube. But I won't, well maybe
if I was super stoned and wanted to laugh.
RPS766 (2 г. назад)
How long was the Higgs Boson the stuff of science fiction?? Almost 50 years
since first postulated? Man, who knows whats left to discover, or things we
havent even thought about discovering... We still dont know how aspirin
works, , how bicycles work, gravity works, or how dark matter is supposed
to work, or even if its exists. Lots of stuff thats unexplained. He may be
a crackpot, he may be on to something, who knows.
JuliusIsMe (3 г. назад)
@motionapplied I don't know. I think John Hutchison is a pretty cool guy,
eh does free energy and doesn't afraid of anything!
Tank Commander (3 г. назад)
John, what GAME-CHANGER do you have ready-to-build or deploly in CONUS ?
geronimo551 at G mail DOT com Put up or shut up. Hall of Knights castle
Kransberg IF you need OVERWATCH ask. You are tired of selling plans,
discouraged sheeple-people-goyim, nuts with delusion of godhood on earth,
injured, friendly fire, and dead-meat pushing up Daisies. Me too. If not
NOW--when ? If not YOU who ? may keep playing games and selling
John F Hendry (3 г. назад)
below Said: I want to hear an explanation from a physicist. CERN neutrinos
@ v-c/c=2.48e-5 in 453.6 miles = Stanford's SLAC E158 weak force asymatry @
2.48e-5 in 453.6 miles + .20e-5 harmonic comma needed for wf asy to
continue in the second reverse arrow of the graviton. Mass oscillates in
two directions relative to the arrow of time so it needs a second
phase/arrow and physics has gotten away with not adding it by adding
"imaginary" numbers to make up for it. Now its real and in phase. BINAP
Howard Lute (1 год назад)
As phony as a three dollar VIBRATOR! "Nothing really shakes me very much"
he says.
CrudeDude (2 г. назад)
Mine went off-scale