Made in Chelsea | Interview: Meet Sophia Sassoon | E4

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Who on earth is Sophia Sassoon? She'll be coming back to Chelsea soon... but before that happens (MiC E4 on Monday, btw) maybe this little chat will give you some clues.

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Комментарии (37)

Marta O (2 г. назад)
She's my fav from season 4. :)
Anna Rudgyard (2 г. назад)
i want her cheekbones
SheMan32 (2 г. назад)
she's so hot
Froggycheese78 (2 г. назад)
Love Sophia :)
Fleurgi (2 г. назад)
who on this show hasn't had a past with spencer. sometimes it just gets so
damn redundant. I hate spencer and have no idea what all these women see in
him. he is a douche
Kinoko510 (2 г. назад)
Caggies twin
Janelllley (2 г. назад)
she sounds exactly like caggie. Brunette Caggie!
Ayesha (2 г. назад)
She has the exact same mouth as caggie
Isabelle270599 (2 г. назад)
Caggie double
Ha K (2 г. назад)
She's stunning
Rachel Chilvers (2 г. назад)
yeah same teeth! same cheeks, she is literally caggie with brown hair!!!
maybe she is lol?
MoazamOfficial (2 г. назад)
no one can replace Caggie
ProjectDystopia (2 г. назад)
Sophie, I've never even seen 'Made in Chelsea' and I just want to say "you
look good".....I predict a bright future for you (in film)
Charlotte wawa (2 г. назад)
she literrally is a brunette caggie, they knew we were missin a bit of
caggie lovin'
Elisabeth Angelos (2 г. назад)
You guys are stupid it's caggie with a wig on they say it on the website.
Tourous4life (2 г. назад)
she is hot!!!
Dannille Belle (2 г. назад)
i hate these new girls. they're just going to stir up some trouble. n she
looks so much like caggie it's weird.
Arty Effem (2 г. назад)
What other dreams have you had lately?
Kingro619 (1 год назад)
Sophia was cool