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Marshmallowcotton (2 г. назад)
Why cant u post the video in full? just asking...
Drita Alyaa (2 г. назад)
wow yuck ravi
Nasrina Shaikh (2 г. назад)
youtube deletes it then ; better watching it like this than not watching it
like this at all.
POPsongsADDICT (2 г. назад)
omg this made me laugh so much XD
SuperIlovemyfamily (2 г. назад)
Debby i really like your tv shows spicialy the season to episodes zuri is
so cute luke is stupid karan is smart peyton is write and kevin is silly
Mariopsychic (2 г. назад)
0:04-0:16 Hilarious!!!
Stacy martinez (2 г. назад)
this new youtube is weird