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Alkaizer achieved level 100 paragon on 06/09/2012!!!

This isnt me!


Enjoy guys peace out!!


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Комментарии (70)

Denis Ruggeri (7 мес. назад)
at the end: "i can sleep again dude" that reminds me my starcraft 2
experience ^^, fucking gm.
Tiago martins (8 мес. назад)
not the world frist !!!!! this shit is a lie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Huifang Sun (8 мес. назад)
Great job.
Alex moon (1 год назад)
mighty morphing power rangers theme song?
Sirdavidspagnolo (2 г. назад)
Orochi316 (2 г. назад)
Mads Lok (2 г. назад)
its softcore
Nathan Millward (2 г. назад)
I Know the intro and outro is loud has been reduced in the latest videos,
also this isnt me getting to 100 so im no loser thanks kid, and this was
recording from the livestream he was hosting, and If you have the same set
up as me I would be highly surprised, go somewhere else and troll, but do
me a favor and reload the video a few times before you leave I like
Moneyyyyy peace
Yoto williams (2 г. назад)
Dude holy$%!& your stash was like 1 rare and Crap load of legendarys.
Steven Clarke (2 г. назад)
lol, you were NOT the 1st 100 paragon in the world! fool
Catalyst (2 г. назад)
He reached 100 before Monster Power even was in the game. But back then
Inferno was also a lot harder than it is now.
Brian2one0 (2 г. назад)
Have fun being a demon hunter dying ever 2 minutes. Or being a CM Wiz who
just stands there freezing shit.
Harrison Gray (2 г. назад)
someone plz find out the song name at the start of these videos!!!!!!
DeXdoc M (2 г. назад)
Asian Dificulty!!!
Mike Choinière (2 г. назад)
not true
Gabriel Guichon (2 г. назад)
would be a barb.. smh
Avoidlol (2 г. назад)
diabloprogress. com/
Hipp Hhhei (2 г. назад)
Well Blizz does keep track who is on what paragon lvl etc and they did
state that Alkeizer was the first player in the world who did get paragon