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John Kelly - Sheep Farmer
John Kelly farms 700 ewes in Baltinglass, Co. Wicklow. He also writes a dairy piece in the Irish Farmers Journal. This video gives you a look behind the scen...
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Baby monkey in surgery
While urban monkeys face plenty of external threats, sometimes the danger comes from their own kind. This baby money was attacked by members of her own troop...
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2014年4月13日 武蔵五日市、あきる野市 ガビチョウは姿は見えませんでした。ガビチョウ、いろんな鳴きまねしますよ。蝉の声も。 最後の部分音がありません。作り直しました。
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ポメラニアン・ジャック 楽しくおやつ pomeranian Jack happy snack!!
食いしん坊な愛犬ジャックのおやつタイムをご覧ください。以前より成長して我慢がちょっとだけできるようになりました(^^;) Please watch my gluttonous Jack's happy snack time. He was a good boy and could wait another sna...
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CUTE: Baby baboon born at Miami's Jungle Island
Subscribe to ITN News! http://bit.ly/1bmWO8h A week-old baby baboon, born in Miami's Jungle Island zoological park, is adjusting well to its new habitat. Cal...
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Lil BUB's Owner On Cat Care For The Internet's Best Pet
Meredith Vieira sits down with Lil BUB and her owner Mike Bridavisky to discuss the realities behind the celebrity pet curtain. BUB's many birth defects and ...
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Tamed finch tickled while laying on its back, very sweet!
Pipi is very bonded with me. She is out of cage 12 hours a day and likes sleeping on my hands. Be sure to check her photos here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.390987991017649.1073741829...
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Veterinarian Dr. William B. Weber testifies before the ASBVME
This video clip was recorded at the ongoing Administrative Hearing being conducted by the Alabama State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners. It shows part ...
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My Aquarium Fish Compilation - 50 Fish in 2 minutes 34 seconds
What was that!!! Don't worry, I've added a video link to all individual identified fish below :) Remember to "like" and "Subscribe". Fish tank video of some ...
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TBBT - The Big Bang Theory. 7x20.
7x20 - The Relationship Diremption.
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Horse Treadmill.
A horse running on the treadmill at Cornell University's Vet School.
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NATURE | My Bionic Pet | Meet Chris P. Bacon & Roofus | PBS
Meet Chris P. Bacon and Roofus, two disabled animals, who due to the latest engineering and technology have amazing prosthetics to provide just what they nee...
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RCVS Review 2013 - Informed from every angle
A video snapshot of our past year, featuring all the people who have contributed to this year's RCVS Review - part one of our published annual report. If you...
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Goose Pond: The Story of a Wetland and Its Neighbors  Trailer
This hour-long documentary tells the compelling story of an 8000 acre wetland marsh in southern Indiana formed thousands of years ago by receding glaciers. ...
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Galapagos Sea Lions Are Amazing Creatures!
There are under 50000 Galapagos Sea Lions alive today and they only live in two places, the famous Galapagos Islands on a smaller island called Isla de la P...
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Reddish Egret
A Reddish Egret fishing at Isle Dernière in the Louisiana Gulf Coast.
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Chopper received a "special request" in a private message through his face book page. The message read, "Hi chopper its Carae from the Special Olympics game....
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Croczilla: Biggest Giant Crocodiles in the World (Nature Documentary)
Croczilla: Biggest Giant Crocodiles in the World (Nature Documentary) The saltwater crocodile is the largest of all living reptiles, and one of the few anima...
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Morning hunt - 24 Hours on Earth: Preview - BBC One
Programme website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b041zbd8 The morning light gives a cheetah mum the perfect conditions to hunt.
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Cornell University Veterinary Specialists (CUVS) News Update
On March 23rd, CUVS celebrated the lives and recoveries of patients who have overcome great odds. It was a heartwarming reunion for these brave survivors, th...
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SWFL Eagles_ E4's Behavior Shortly Before Fledge_4-4-14
Edited Video: Fledge Video: http://youtu.be/fbjSMV56tws VIDEO:Slow Motion of E4's Fledge & Landing_4-4-14 http://youtu.be/Ma251dycNpg. VIDEO:After Fledge Adv...
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Live housing Q&A with Rob Carrick
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